Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh my god.

Aku kadang kadang stress berkawan dengan dorang nih. Bukan nak jadi mulut busuk ah tapi nak buat bende SERIBU SATU ALASAN die bagi. Adeeee je alasan. Aku tak tahu la macam mana orang mamcam ni hidup. Dah la banyak bende tak makan. Itu tak makan, ini tak makan. Nak kurus tapi makan bukan makan tapi mentekedarah. Ajak bersenam ja seribu satu alasa. Sebok beli sporting gears mahal mahal. Nak main badminton kat tempat berbayar bagai. Nak posh je sume dah lupe main point. Orang nasihat, membenci lak. Lantak ko lah. Aku panas hati lak dgn org macam ni.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

When the impossible became possible

I am stoked! After 5 years of chatting through icq and Facebook,we've finally decided to meet up for a real chat! 22nd of October marked the date. I am finally able to meet Yuki, a friend from Australia and Lili from Penang. We met a little about 5 years ago at the Japan chatroom in ICQ then we proceed to Facebook and carried on since then until recently Yuki came to visit KL. It's truly amazing. I never thought that I could see anyone that I talk to online. Really a wonderful experience. This inspires me to venture around and meet the others like Miyo in the Philiphines and maybe Nins too. Speaking of which, I am going to see another of the regular ICQ chatter again in March. So yeah, March come faster! End note: Aku tak tahu lah ape hubungan 2 orang bile dua2 saling caring sesama sendiri, sepanjang masa nak berjumpe bercakap, then bila bercakap, mesti nak romantic. Tapi bile dimintak untuk define hubungan ni, die jawab sahabat. Aku tak tahulah samaada aku patut bersabar atau biarkan je. For me, I think I'm pretty much in love. Tapi mungkin terlalu awal. Selepas brape tahun berkawan. Tak pernah2 rapat tetibe je rapat gile. Aku tak sabar nak lihat ape akan jadi seterusnye. 145 hari saja lagi. 145 hari....ahhh lamanyaaaaaaa >.<

Sunday, July 24, 2011

MTV World Stage 2011

So we had some issue at the concert last night. Yea, of course, you can't bring water bottle to a concert,especially mineral water bottle. That make perfect sense. But then there are people who brought their own bottle. Who the fuck stands for 6 fucking hours and nto get dehydrated? Especially with 15K crowd. So we asked for water from the security. These assholes ,literally made fun of us. Cock cock cockity cock.
These two dudes are real assholes. I'll tell you what they did. Starting with the dick in black that look like a retarded sasquatch from the side view. He thought it was fun, you know, to bluff like he was giving us a bottle of mineral water and then pulled the bottle back. He thought he was funny. and we're all suckers. That guy got my honest and sincere middle finger. The guy in the red shirt that look like a constipated monkey purposed picked a fight with my friend and was very rude. So I joined 'em. You know, what kind of moron who would go to a concert goers and said stuff like " ohhh, you're screaming and jumping, that's why you get dehydrated. you should stop doing stuff like that" like what the fuck dude? Who fucking go to a concert and stand like an idiot. This ain't church. Gawd. If only I could punch him in the face once, I don't really care what's gonna happen to me next. Sure itll make me feel real good. Despite these 2 muppets, overall we had a great time. Last year I just post a picture of VJ Utt inthis blog, this year I don't really have any picture of him because...I get to shake hands with him twice :D I guess I was too busy shaking his hands to take pictures. Then there's Pop Shuvit and old Man Bai who can really sing. or dance. and Beast which is awesome,Neon Trees awesomer and 30 Seconds to Mars which is awesomest. I fell in love the the drummer in Neon trees. and Shannon, played drums while he was standing like a motherfucker. Sadly, no pictures cuz my piece of shit iPod couldn't take a good picture and we can't bring in cameras. But anyway, the thoughts that matters :)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

New updates

I hadn't post anything in here for quite a while ay?
I have been..super busy with...stuff. Anywho, I've just finished my third semester and finals was a pile of cow's shit. Past couple of months had been really hectic. Studies,work,and trying to please everybody. Now that the semester's over, at least one burden's off the shoulder.I quit my previous job and now working at some Apple Store. Fun job. Way better than previous one. I had some shit boss back then. She is still shit. My current boss is suppppper niceee. Couldn't ask for better. I also went for football match between Malaysia and Chelsea FC. Brilliant game. Worth my 100 bucks. But then there was this creepy old freak keep following us around like a motherfucker and giving me the pedo smile. Motherfucker kid, I paid a 100 bucks not to see you shoving your pedo face infront of mine. I was ready with my kung pow moves. Anyways, I felt good tho. I got to cross one of the many things to do in my bucket list; to watch a soccer match, Chelsea FC to be specific. Since now I am capable of doing whatever the fuck I want. And tomorrow, I'll get to see my favorite guys, Jared and Shannon. 30STM is in town dawg. So like everybody in my workplace took the day off and my boss was like "wtf is going on?" lol.


I've also gained weight. and now have a really disgusting muffin top. I eat like a monster. Poop like a motherfucker. Okay. That was uncalled for. Just trying to emphasize that I am getting fat. Reeeeally need to lay off the carbs. I do need some flesh but no at the bellayh >.<

Anyway, Adios chicos.

John Terry

Didier Drogba

Fernando Torrer

Frank Lampard

Villas-Boas and Torres

Thursday, February 3, 2011


 If I sleep to much, my parents complain.

If I don’t get enough sleep, my parents complain.

If I eat too much, my parents complain.

If I don’t eat enough, my parents complain.

If I’m always in my room, my parents complain.

If I go out too much, my parents complain.




Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's been a while! Yes of course, I have been busy with classes, working till late night, babysitting a 30 years old baby etc etc. That's what I have been up to lately. So yesterday I got a time off for myself and went trekking or whatever they called with my college mates. Here's some of the photos

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I got a job! :D

Gunna be doing a part time job for a couple of month. All for my best friend and yes she had no clue about this. I'm gonna dedicate my whole paycheck for her XD. I'm treating her a front row ticket to Maroon 5's in April which is 5 fucking hundreds each. I have mine already but I also want her to be there. I can't wait to surprise her. Today's my first day. Here goes the miserable days...